Where can I find the status of my refund?

In case you are expecting a refund from TravelBird, for example when you cancel your booking, you can review the status of your refund within your TravelBird account, via Your Trips.

If you don’t have an account yet, please create one here or read this article for more information.

As soon as the request for a refund is submitted by either you or TravelBird, we will start processing your refund. It can take approximately 14 days before the amount is refunded to the bank account you originally paid with, depending on your payment method and bank. In case we cannot retrieve your bank account details automatically, we will contact you to provide your bank account details to process the refund.

In Your Trips you can see 3 different refund statuses:

1. Your refund is being processed

We are processing your refund internally.

2. Your refund was successful

Your refund is processed, it might take up to 5 working days before the bank has processed the refund and it is visible on your bank account.

3. Your refund is cancelled

There is a problem with processing your refund, we advise you to contact us via klantenservice@travelbird.nl


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