Do I receive compensation when my flight is delayed/cancelled?

When your flight is delayed or cancelled, our Travel Advisors will inform you as soon as possible. We advise you to closely monitor your flight information via the airport’s and/or airline’s website.

In such cases, where your flight is delayed with more than 3 hours or when your flight is cancelled, the EU261/2004 Regulation comes in place, which might mean you are entitled to a financial compensation. The cause of the delay determines whether you can get financial compensation or not. Has the flight been delayed/cancelled by an extraordinary situation outside of the airline’s control, such as weather conditions and natural disasters (for example storms or earthquakes) or strikes caused by a third party (such as ground handling staff), you will not be receiving financial compensation. This is referred as ‘’Force Majeure’’. In case your delay/cancellation could be prevented by an airline, and is hence within the airline’s control, you might be entitled to compensation (such as a technical malfunction that could have been prevented). Extra costs made as a result of a flight delay or cancellation might be covered by your travel insurance. We recommend you to contact them.

The EU261/2004 Regulation only applies to flights:

  • Within Europe operated by an EU or non-EU airline
  • To Europe from outside of Europe operated by an EU airline
  • From Europe to non-EU country operated by an EU or non-EU airline
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