The price of a package changed after I selected the travel date. How is that possible?

The package of your choice contains a flight. We are dependent on the real-time prices of the airlines, as airline prices are subject to change.

The prices in the calendar are based on two persons and are updated periodically. As the flights are subject to real-time availability it might happen that a change in price occurs in the period between updating the calendar and the moment you select your preferred travel date. After you selected your preferred travel date, we check the actual flight price at that moment while you are in the process of booking. As a result of this, the total price of your package can be changed. Please note that the price can go up but also down resulting in a higher or lower package price for you. We will always update you immediately in case this happens.

When a price change occurs, we will always give you the choice to stop- or continue the booking.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Travel Advisors.


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