I have a cancellation insurance, do I get my money back if I cancel?

If you need to cancel your booking, please be informed that cancellation fees might apply according to TravelBird’s Terms & Conditions. The exact costs of your cancellation can be checked in “Your Trips” once you have logged in. 

If cancellation fees apply, they might be covered by your cancellation insurance, depending on the reason of cancellation. If you bought cancellation insurance via TravelBird with our partner ERV, you can contact them to check if they’ll cover your costs.

Telephone: +31 20 651 52 53

E-mail: info@europeesche.nl

Website: www.europeesche.nl

To check your exact cancellation costs go to “Your Trips” and click on ‘Cancellation’. You’ll see the calculation of the costs that will apply at this moment. If you agree you can cancel your booking there as well. Be aware that cancellation costs may change over time.

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