How do you calculate % discount?

We calculate the discount percentage based on the prices that we offer compared to the prices of our partners and/or a booking website. To ensure we are making a fair comparison, we always use the exact same data and conditions. The discount is being calculated based on the prices as used by our partner (or the booking website), prior to the day we put the offer online.

An example: On 3 February TravelBird places the following deal online: 3 nights stay, including breakfast and visit to the local brewery for EUR 150 per person (EUR 150,- being the lowest price available). The day before TravelBird puts the deal online (2 February), the total price of that exact same deal (same dates and conditions) based on the prices on the website of the hotel and the brewery, is EUR 300. On 7 February the deal is being booked at the website of TravelBird. Based on the available prices on 2 February, the customer gets a discount of 50%.

The discount on the offer page relates to the published “from” price.

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