What are the terms and conditions for a rental car?

In every TravelBird offer that includes a car rental, the following rules do apply:  

  • The main driver of the car can be selected by the person booking the trip; this can be filled in when your booking is complete in the ‘More Data’ form. If you choose to not name a specific person as the car driver, the person who has booked the trip will be automatically selected as the main driver and that person must hold a valid driver’s licence.

    This person must also be of the required driving age in the country they are due to travel to.

  • The main driver of the TravelBird offer must bring with them on a holiday a credit card with a sufficient balance to cover the deposit; this credit card must have the same name printed on as listed in the person’s passport.

    Please note that debit cards and prepaid credit cards won’t be accepted.

  • If you would like to find out more information regarding the specific terms and conditions of the car rental that is included in your TravelBird offer, you should consult the offer page in question where all of the details should be outlined.

The opportunity to avail of an already-insured rental car is also included in many TravelBird offers, and this means we have already paid for the car’s insurance so you won’t have any nasty financial surprises waiting for you when you go to pick up your car! To check if your rental car is already insured, and what insurance we have bought for you, please read the ‘Additional Information’ section on the TravelBird offer page.

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