What travel documentation should I bring with me on holiday?

We advise you to bring the following documentation.

  • All documentation you received from TravelBird and our partners
    • For hotel reservations, you only need your TravelBird confirmation email, which is sent within a few hours after your final payment
    • If you’ve booked a holiday with a flight or rental car, you’ll receive all your travel documents at least five days prior to your departure date
    • In other cases it will be stated in your confirmation email if you’ll receive more documents

Next to the documentation you’ll receive from TravelBird and our partners, we advise you to take care of the following items.

  • A valid identification card or passport
    • Depending on your destination you’ll have to bring a valid identification card or passport
    • Some countries may require a minimum validity of your identification
      This can be found in the ‘Additional information’ section on the offer page
  • A visa, if applicable
    • For some countries a visa may be required to enter the country
      • Be aware this may also apply for the country of a connected flight
    • Please consult the embassy or consulate of your destination for advice, information and your application
  • A valid driver’s licence and credit card on the name of main driver in case of a rental car
  • Travel insurance documents, if applicable

Did you know that you can find all information about your booking in “Your Trips” via your account? For help on how to create an account read this article.




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