How can I cancel my booking?

In the unfortunate event you need to cancel your booking, we would like to support you in this process as much as possible.

Cancellation fees might apply according to TravelBird’s Terms & Conditions. The exact costs of your cancellation can be checked in Your Trips. In Your Trips you have the option to finalize your cancellation.

If you do not have an account, follow this link to create one or read through this article for more information. 

After you finalized your cancellation, an automatic cancellation confirmation is sent by email. This documentation is for your personal administration and might be required in the cancellation process with your insurance.

When you do not have a cancellation insurance, no further action is needed.

If you do have a cancellation insurance there are 2 possible options:

- Cancellation insurance via TravelBird. If you bought a cancellation insurance via TravelBird with our partner ERV, please follow the instructions in this article

- Cancellation insurance via third party. If you bought your own insurance, please get in touch with your insurance company to submit your cancellation.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Travel Advisors.

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