How do I download the TravelBird app?

Great that you want to download our app! This will be a very helpful tool during your holidays and also for finding your next trip.

Please follow these steps to download the app:

  1. You can also just follow these links for ios (apple devices) and Android that will take you directly to our app.
  2. Click on “download”.
  3. When the app is installed on your mobile, you need to login to view “Your Trips”. To do so, enter your email address (the one you are registered with at TravelBird) and your password.
  4. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of having the TravelBird app on your mobile such as maps, access to your travel documents at all times, communication with us, and best of all, it works offline!

If you do not have an account yet, you can create one here.

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