Information about Lombok earthquake on Sunday 5-8-2018

An earthquake hit Lombok on Sunday 13:45 European time (19:45 local time). It was a 7 on scale of Richer. It happened almost 30 kms north east from Lombok but was felt in Bali as well. Tsunami warning was given in Lombok, but has been lifted again. The airports of Bali and Lombok are open and operating as usual.

Our priority is to confirm the safety of all our travellers.  Together with our local partner, we are trying our utmost to provide information to our travellers of whom their trip might be affected by this situation.

  • In case you are about to travel to Lombok and you have questions on the rest of your stay, please revert to our local partner directly. We will do our utmost to ensure your trip can go as planned or adjust your trip accordingly.  
  • In case you have questions about your trip or your family/ friend/ relative in Indonesia, please feel free to contact us per mail, phone or via Facebook 

Please be informed that as it is a “force majeure” situation, extra costs made for travel amendments as result of the earthquake are in principle for the traveller. We advise travellers to keep the receipts, as travellers could claim (some of) these costs from their travel insurance, depending on the insurance policy.

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