How much baggage can I bring with me?

You can always bring one piece of hand luggage per person on your flight. Check-in luggage depends on your booking. For some destinations, check-in luggage fee may be included in the overall price and for some other destinations, you can optionally add check-in luggage to your booking after you have selected a date in our calendar and moved on to ‘Your Order’.

The check-in luggage fees you will be paying correspond to the airline’s rates, TravelBird does not charge you anything extra. The maximum weight and dimensions of your luggage are mentioned in the flight ticket that will be send to you by TravelBird maximum 5 days before departure. If you wish to double-check these weight and dimension measurements, you can always visit your airline’s website. Your airline will be mentioned in the order confirmation that you will received after you made the booking and completed all payments.

In case you decide to add check-in luggage after you have completed your booking, you can usually make this adjustment on the airline website yourself. Please use the booking number of your flight given in your Travel Documents plus your surname to log into the airline’s website. When applicable, Travel Documents are shown in “Your Trips” and will be send to you by email after you completed the total payment.

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